Encouragement for Homeschooling Mommas


Homeschool Mommas:

I want to encourage you today. Make a mission statement for your homeschool, if you haven’t done so already. If you already have one, read it. Remind yourself why you homeschool and what your goals are for homeschooling.

“There are many ways to think about and write your mission statement. The idea is to find what fits your family best and what will help you define goals to keep you focused in the right direction.” -Proverbial Homemaker

My mission statement for homeschooling looks a lot like a faith statement. I did this because my faith in Jesus Christ is a part of everything that I do. I included scriptures in my statement and then an explanation as to what that meant for our school. This practice of having a statement and reading it periodically has helped me over the years to refocus or stay focused on the main thing. It is so easy to go down those rabbit holes only to emerge overwhelmed and ladened with worry (thinking that your going to mess up your kids). We need to remind ourselves of our original conviction to do what we are doing. Cover your school in prayer and keep pressing forward. I have found that nothing in life worth doing is easy. Homeschooling isn’t easy, but the reward is super sweet.

I have graduated two from our homeschool. They are thriving beautifully. When people commend them on their maturity and their work ethic they are quick to point out that they were homeschooled.

I am still in the trenches with you. I have one more student left in our homeschool. Do I still have fears creep in? Yes, but now when I reread my statement to encourage and refocus myself I also have two successes that I can glean encouragement from.

Another great way to stay encouraged is to be in a homeschool group. Surround yourself with people who are doing life in a similar manner as you are. Being in a homeschool group does wonders for the children as well. I have been without a homeschool group and I am currently in one. Lord willing, I will never be in a situation again where I don’t have my homeschooling community to lean on.


Momma Birdy

P.S. Here is a link to an article that will help you to write your mission statement.




Called Out of Darkness

God is holy and just. He is light, and because He is light He cannot be in darkness. In essence, darkness is merely the absence of light. Due to sin we are in darkness. Therefore, like any loving father would do, He made a plan that would bring us out of darkness and into the light with Him.


He had to teach us first by giving us the law. Nobody is capable of keeping every letter of the law. The law taught us first that we are in darkness (it taught us that we have sinned), and second that we need a savior. Here comes the good news; Jesus came and paid the penalty for our sins. The law was broken and we were sentenced to death. But, Jesus offered himself up in our place (Hunger Game fans: He offered himself up as tribute).


He died. He rose from the dead and He lives! Jesus conquered sin and death.


He paid a debt He did not owe. It was our debt to pay.


Because of sin we are sick, but Jesus came to heal us. Like any vaccination that you get or any medication that you take to help you get well, you have to receive it. Jesus has a gift of life for you, but you have to receive it.
Now the question is, do you believe? If you do believe – what are you going to do with Jesus? Faith must be put into action. Jesus said, “Follow me.” So, learn about Him (study the Bible) and apply what you have learned to your life.


I want you to imagine a shoelace that is trailing about 6 inches from the shoe that it is laced into. Now, imagine that the plastic tipped part of the lace is your life here on earth. What you do with that part determines how you will spend the rest of eternity (which would be the rest of the shoelace—imagining that it goes on forever).


Think of all the things about life that are beautiful. Think about that feeling of being loved. Think about the kindness of a stranger or the thoughtfulness of a friend. That is the grace of God in our lives. These are but a taste of that glorious light I was telling you about earlier. Now imagine eternity without those things. Imagine an eternity separated from the light. Nothing but darkness. What would eternity be like without love? I don’t even want to know. I do not say this to elicit a response out of fear. I say this because of love. As a parent, I don’t ever want my children to not feel my love. I don’t ever want them to be in a place where I can’t help them, or bless them. God loves us better than I love my children. God loves you and doesn’t want anyone to be where they cannot feel His love. He is drawing us to Him, calling us out of the darkness so that we can bask in His unfailing love. god-images-helping-hand

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. I will be celebrating Jesus Christ risen from the grave. He is not dead. He is alive! Celebrate it with me. If you have never responded to His calling I urge you to consider it. Jesus Christ is calling you. Answer. You will be glad that you did.

By His Grace,

Momma Birdy

Sneak Peek into Abstract Distractions

I can’t wait for the release. I’m ready to order.

Jayci Paige


I’ve decided for this week’s post I am going to give you a sneak peek into one of the many poems in my upcoming collection Abstract Distractions. This one is among my favorites and I hope you enjoy it.

If I Could Measure Love

If I could measure love in kisses
A cup of coffee’d be three.
Because it takes three chugs
To empty a mug
Of the bitter-sweet taste, you see.
If I could measure love in kisses
For you, sweet child, I reckon
It’s an impossible task
For you to ask
Me to measure my love with a beckon.
If I could measure love in kisses
A mansion wouldn’t be the right size.
From the doors they’d overflow
Into space they would go.
Now tell me, how many kisses can fill the skies?

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I…

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Free Will-the will to do or not to do

Have you ever been hurt by someone who claimed to be a Christian? Have you been hurt by religious judgement? Do you think that Christians are judgmental or intolerant people? I would like to take a moment to respond to this. I am going to use plain, at times elementary, language in my response.


We are all capable of doing good and of doing bad. It is a choice. You see God gave each of us free will. The reason He did that is because He loves us. Would you force your child to love you? No. You love your children and hope that they will return that love. You seek a relationship with your children and hope that they respond and seek to build that relationship with you. It takes two working together for a relationship to be healthy and vibrant. In the same sense, God gave us a choice. Every day, rather you are a Christian or not, you are faced with free will. The difference between a believer and a non-believer on any given day is Jesus. A believer has put their faith in Jesus, depends on Him, and has a relationship with Him. That same believer still has free will and must choose daily to live according God’s principles. Sometimes we make bad decisions and suffer the consequences. Sadly, when a person makes a bad decision they are usually not the only one who suffers for it.

cs lewis quote on free will

I am a Christian. Am I perfect? No. Do I still sin? Yes. I have been a Christian for almost 28 years. Coming under His authority and following Him is a process. My walk with Him looks different from someone who has been walking with Him for only a year. I still have to choose to live according to His principles daily. It is just easier for me after 28 years. My point? We should remember that people make mistakes and can act in ignorance. We should not blame the church (which is the whole body of Christ by the way; it is not just a building or a specific religious organization) or God for something that one person or even a religious organization did that was hurtful toward us. God is love. He loved us so much that He provided the way for reconciliation with us; He forgave us. Should we not forgive those whose actions could very well have come from their immaturity, or maybe simply their lack of communication skills? Have we ourselves not had moments where we gave misinformation with great passion because we didn’t know any better, or maybe said something hurtful without giving consideration to the hearer? I know I have; I am guilty.

god-is-love (1)

I promise you I will stumble. I will fall. I will let you down. Jesus will never let you down. Don’t look to me, look to Him who is worthy. I hope that this will help you to open your heart to God again if you have turned away from Him. I pray that if you have been unsure of God, because of those who are suppose to represent Him, that you will give God a chance to reveal to you who He really is and not the misrepresentation that some of us have given of Him. Remember, too, that there is a chance that a person can claim to be a Christian and not be one at all. The Bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Although you should know them by the fruit that they bear in their lives, please give grace to the new fruit that tends to be a bit sour before it is ripe.

By His Grace,

Momma Birdy

I found my mom unconscious

I missed Wednesday’s blog that I normally try to post. My daughter posted her blog today and shared what my week (as well as her own) has been like. Now you know why I have simply re-blogged this week. God bless and I appreciate your prayers.

kaitlyn deann

I’m back, guys!


So in this week’s blog post I’m going to cover what has been going on these past couple of weeks, which has sadly affected my attendance on Facebook as well as anywhere else, including right here (as I am sure you could tell when reading last week’s post… talk about yikes).


Let me lay it out for you as simply as I can. (Warning: long post ahead! Also, I did indeed receive permission to tell this story from the person it involves.)

February 29th

On this extremely eventful–and not to mention stressful–day, Beloved (which is what I am from now on going to refer to my boyfriend as) began his first day of orientation at 8:00 AM sharp at a local hospital he was hired at. How exciting, right?! (And for those who don’t know, Beloved and I met in nursing school; we are both nurses).

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Collection of Poems Coming Soon!

I’m so excited about this. I love poetry. I especially love that which glorifies Jesus and inspires me. I am so proud of you Jayci, and I am proud of your sister Kaitlyn. The bond you two share is rare and beautiful.

Jayci Paige

Abstract Distractions - medium size

This week’s post is different than what I usually post. I have an exciting announcement! March 31st I will be publishing a collection of poems written by yours truly!

Here is a sneak peek of the cover. I just love it! Cover design credit goes out to my amazing sister and fellow author, Kaitlyn Deann. Didn’t she do a fantastic job?

I am just so excited about this! I was very nervous to publish at first for I am my worst critic. With the help and encouragement of family and friends I finally decided I’d go through with it. Now I’m so glad that I did! I can’t wait to share the final product with all of you! I could not have done it without Kaitlyn’s help, especially. She helped with the design of the covers, front and back, and she helped with the formatting. I’d be lost through the process…

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What Do I Say To An Atheist?

This can be true when sharing the gospel with anyone, not just an atheist.

Infected Saint

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good. Psalm 14:1

Have you ever noticed that atheists get highly offended by a God they claim doesn’t exist? What’s up with that? Conscience is the answer.
We were all born with a conscience, the ability to discern right from wrong. From early on we know certain things are wrong without anyone having to tell us. Studies have been done where small children are observed hitting other children. After they hit their body temperature rises, heartbeat increases, and pupils slightly dilate. They feel panic that often is arrivistes to being caught in a wrongdoing. Most begin to look around to see if they are in trouble. You don’t have to teach them that hurting someone is bad. Their conscience tells them this. You merely reinforce what…

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