Called Out of Darkness

God is holy and just. He is light, and because He is light He cannot be in darkness. In essence, darkness is merely the absence of light. Due to sin we are in darkness. Therefore, like any loving father would do, He made a plan that would bring us out of darkness and into the light with Him.


He had to teach us first by giving us the law. Nobody is capable of keeping every letter of the law. The law taught us first that we are in darkness (it taught us that we have sinned), and second that we need a savior. Here comes the good news; Jesus came and paid the penalty for our sins. The law was broken and we were sentenced to death. But, Jesus offered himself up in our place (Hunger Game fans: He offered himself up as tribute).


He died. He rose from the dead and He lives! Jesus conquered sin and death.


He paid a debt He did not owe. It was our debt to pay.


Because of sin we are sick, but Jesus came to heal us. Like any vaccination that you get or any medication that you take to help you get well, you have to receive it. Jesus has a gift of life for you, but you have to receive it.
Now the question is, do you believe? If you do believe – what are you going to do with Jesus? Faith must be put into action. Jesus said, “Follow me.” So, learn about Him (study the Bible) and apply what you have learned to your life.


I want you to imagine a shoelace that is trailing about 6 inches from the shoe that it is laced into. Now, imagine that the plastic tipped part of the lace is your life here on earth. What you do with that part determines how you will spend the rest of eternity (which would be the rest of the shoelace—imagining that it goes on forever).


Think of all the things about life that are beautiful. Think about that feeling of being loved. Think about the kindness of a stranger or the thoughtfulness of a friend. That is the grace of God in our lives. These are but a taste of that glorious light I was telling you about earlier. Now imagine eternity without those things. Imagine an eternity separated from the light. Nothing but darkness. What would eternity be like without love? I don’t even want to know. I do not say this to elicit a response out of fear. I say this because of love. As a parent, I don’t ever want my children to not feel my love. I don’t ever want them to be in a place where I can’t help them, or bless them. God loves us better than I love my children. God loves you and doesn’t want anyone to be where they cannot feel His love. He is drawing us to Him, calling us out of the darkness so that we can bask in His unfailing love. god-images-helping-hand

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. I will be celebrating Jesus Christ risen from the grave. He is not dead. He is alive! Celebrate it with me. If you have never responded to His calling I urge you to consider it. Jesus Christ is calling you. Answer. You will be glad that you did.

By His Grace,

Momma Birdy


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