Diapers and Dog Hair

My cousin’s daughter is a new mom. She wrote the cutest blog. I just want to share it. If you are expecting or are a new mom, or maybe you have been there done that, you might enjoy reading this. Have a blessed day. ~Momma Birdy


A lot people smirked at my determination to return to work after baby. They assured me that I would change my mind. I nodded and smiled, but knew with certainty that wouldn’t be the case. I loved my life as a vet tech and I was secretly terrified of becoming a mom. I didn’t want to worry anyone by admitting this, but tiny little babies aren’t really my forte. I’m a kid person for sure, but I usually prefer them to be a little less fragile, and capable of some basic verbal communication. So I figured I would need the part-time promise of escape to keep my sanity. I’m fortunate to be in a position that allows me the choice, but I was absolutely sure I would choose to continue working. Until I didn’t.


I quit my job working with pets and their people to fully embrace life with a…

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