Hey, Momma!


From the moment that I found out that I was expecting my first baby and I joined the hood, Motherhood to be more specific, I aspired to be “the best.” 22 years since that moment I still aspire to be “the best”, but I see “the best” differently than I did back then. After a few years I began to realize that each child is unique and required unique parenting. Needless to say my oldest child became my guinea pig.

I am still experimenting on my children. You see being a mother is a science. I have two adult children and a teenager, now. For the two who are “adult-ing” I am experimenting with the letting them fly and yet giving them wise, godly counsel. I am experimenting with the accepting their decisions and covering it in prayer. Does my experiment always work? No. I have had many failed experiments, but I am not quitting. I will continue to strive for “the best.” Being a mother is such a blessing and yet has brought me tremendous heartache as well. When my children hurt, I hurt. When I see my adult children making choices that I know can bring heartache, my heart breaks for them before it even happens. So many tears have been shed from heart wrenching tears to joy-filled tears. As for my teenager, he is also my only boy. Oh, boy! I am learning all things new. Boys are so different from girls. God help me. Praise the Lord for giving me such a great husband who is an awesome father to all three of our precious arrows.

I wouldn’t trade for this beautiful thing called motherhood. I wait with great expectation for the days when I will join the grand-motherhood. Speaking of grand-motherhood, my mother didn’t receive the recognition for her mothering of me or my brother until I had walked that road. Now, I understand and appreciate her so much more. Thank you, Momma. You are awesome!

Mommas: remember that you are shooting your little arrows out into the world. Aim well. And remember as you launch them to breath, just breath and let God take it from there.


Have a great Mother’s Day! Take time to thank Jesus for giving you this prized title of Momma. God bless.

By His Grace,

Momma Birdy


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