Community by Twilight

“But what has been truly transformative, has been my friendship with my girls — friends who know all the crap and baggage I have from my past, and love me anyway.”-BeautyBeyondBones

Living in community with people who truly know you, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is a blessing from God. I am so thankful for my friends and family who know me, who get me, and who love me anyway. Read BeautyBeyondBones’ blog about community and ponder the community that you are in. Do you have transparency in your community? Do you feel free to be you? If not, then why? May God bless you with a beautiful community.
By His Grace,
Momma Birdy


I was recently babysitting on a Friday night.

It was late. Midnight. And the apartment has these beautiful bay windows with plush window seats. Perfect to peer down onto the streets below. The cobblestone street, dotted with cafes, where people dine alfresco on the sidewalks outside. Or you look across the street at various rooftop parties, bustling underneath twinkle lights — NYC’s stand in for the stars we cannot see amid the bright city lights.

This spot is a people watcher’s paradise.

Now, don’t get thewrong idea. I am not some creeper.

I’m not some Pee-Wee Herman, fun house wacko.


But I frankly love to just watch the lights twinkle in the buildings and the waiters pop from table to table delivering drinks, friends gathering to celebrate birthdays, toast with margaritas, chat, laugh, and justbe with one another.

In community.

In relationship.

And as I was watching all the…

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